JonsarStudios | Love Notes

"It was an awesome experience working with JonsarStudios. They did such an amazing job and are so great at what they do!  The end result was just perfect. Every image they created captured a special moment with family and friends. We always felt comfortable and trusted everything they were doing. They work so hard to capture memories that will slip away as time passes. As I look through our wedding album almost a year later it brings back such beautiful memories and reminds me of how much fun we had on our day -- we laughed so much! Time passes by so quickly and looking back it felt like just yesterday. Thank you Rob and Kathy your work is impeccable!"  - Vivian A.

"If I could compare you to painters, you use the camera as your brush and the moments in time as your paint.  
Somehow the photographs and movies you produce are poetic interpretations of that time in your subjects life. All of the energy that was in them and surrounded them is alive in your work.  Most wedding photographers stage fake moments to create an illusion of happiness... the act of taking the photograph is just that... taking. You don't take, you give.  Your energy was as much a part of the wedding as was the guests.  You became a part of our lives and were almost shamanic in your contributions to the ceremony.  Though it may be difficult to give that much to every client you will ever have, it is always possible if the couple is open to it.  It is in you to give and to create and to share... love.  You offer so much more than documentation its like a love archive!!"
  "...documentation beyond expectation..." - Candice D.

"The film you created had me crying.   It was just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!"  - Domenica C.

"Robert and Kathy.... you are every client's DREAM TEAM.Thank you for all your wonderful work yesterday... your enthusiasm and sense of playfulness made it so much more fun." - Christa M.

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU for doing an amazing job!! - Sam V.

"You both played a huge part in our lives and only enriched our memories with the love you both share with each other and in all that you do." - Jim D.

"i felt...pampered, special,  in good hands -- it was so much fun!  i felt relaxed and un-selfconscious -- i felt like a rock star!!!   -- Kristen G.

"I LOVE the pictures, seeing myself through R & K's eyes gave me a renewed appreciation for myself as a sensual sexy hot woman, something i had lost sight of for awhile. the whole experience was uplifting and healing....."  Jill M.

"I felt very pretty, slightly vulnerable and exposed, LOOK AT ME, flirty, racy, sexy and seductive....   It's not everyday you get to experience feeling like a super model." - Lisa P.

"You are a Duo of dynamic proportions and taste for conscious beauty in imagery -- unequaled visionaries, and masters of conception and execution!" Danielle T.